Let go



Love is sweet when it’s true, sweeter when it’s real and sweetest when it’s you.


This quote resonated with me for the longest time, but not anymore.

I had thought about quitting my blog for a long time, partly because I started to feel it had outgrown its usefulness in helping me get over the girl who broke my heart. The I realized there was so much more to my story, there were still people out there going through what I went through. Thus I decided to come back and do this for them.

More often than not we do not understand the dynamics of love, we tend to simplify it and think that it is simply a two-way thing; I love him(her) and (s)he loves me. Simple, right?


I started with that quote because the first part holds the greatest water. Love is sweet when its true. Its heart-warming, tummy-turning, mind-blowing ability to render one completely incapable of thinking about some life without this person by your side, in your life, all day every day until the robots rise up and wipe us all out(sic) is astonishing. Yet sometimes everyone gets a rude shock; the person they’re so hopelessly in love with doesn’t feel the same way and perhaps never had to begin with.

There is no greater injustice than lying to someone about feeling the same way they do about you when it’s all a hoax. Merely stringing someone along on what some describe as a beautiful journey only to later find out they had been so foolishly blinded by the person they put their hopes, trust and most importantly love into.

I say this because I, like many others have, was a victim of the lies and deception, unending apologies without ever questioning her. For a time it was as though I was possessed, her “faux love” had me hooked as though it was crystal meth or crack cocaine and I could not free myself from its iron-like grip. I still kept my trust in her that she’d know where her true loyalty lies, but eventually she just kept at it with the lies.

It broke me, but I put myself back together.

There’s no greater injustice to oneself than lowering one’s self worth just to feel loved or accepted by another person. Do not forget that that other person is human too and you owe them nothing. If they don’t know what they have make them miss it when you leave. Learn to let go.

Be yourself. Free yourself.




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