Live. Love. Laugh.

nullHow many times have you heard these words before regardless of the order? Most times we never think too much about them and instead we just move on with our lives and the routines that define them. Going by recent events I decided to dwell a little on these words that look so simply put together yet hold so much weight.

In our campus we recently lost two students under different circumstances in a span of a week and this came after I lost someone who I went to high school with a few months ago and it shook us all to the core, me in particular; people we knew and associated with all in the blink of an eye were gone and we were left reeling in the wake as to how short life really is.


Purpose to live every day and not just exist. Do not be content with simply being another human being using up the earth’s oxygen with nothing to show for it. Either help yourself in that moment or help others by growing yourself in one way or another that will come to be of use to someone later. People who know me tell me I am nice-I tend to think I am more comfortable doing things people have gotten used to assuming are normal. I’m not praising myself, just sharing. If there’s no water in the taps I’ll make sure they are closed so when the water is turned back on it doesn’t run all night. Go out at midnight and lie on the ground on a patch of grass and stare at the stars and let your mind wander until you get exhausted. Enjoy the little things because at any moment you may become just another memory in people’s minds.


You are probably saying to yourself “but isn’t that obvious?”

That may be so but sometimes we tend to get so involved in surviving a day at the office or a long lecture that we forget to appreciate and I mean REALLY appreciate those we share a special something with, be they your side chic or main chic. I will take a lot of heat for the side chic part but hey, I don’t mind.

If you have someone special in your life go out of your way to do things differently more often. Write them a text in the middle of the night saying how much they mean to you so when they wake up they’ll spend remembering it and smiling to themselves. Squeeze her hand under the table and look into her eyes when no one is looking and mouth the words you say most often that mean so much to her:

“I love you.”

So there’s a guy you like? Flirt with your eyes. Stare at him till he notices you and comes over but that does not mean that you have lower standards just because you made the first move. When he does talk to you, blow his mind with your confidence and self-worth so he doesn’t understand how you were that straightforward. That girl you like but can never bring yourself to talk to because you fear she might reject you? Well you will never know until you try. Perhaps she’s also been checking you out all the while dying inside hoping you make the first move. You may find her to be all you ever wanted in a girl and more. Life is too short to go through it alone with nobody to share and make special memories with. When you do find that special someone, make it 100%.


If you have internet and are reading this I assume you don’t live in a hole hence you must know of the man who was born with no arms and one not well developed foot. Regardless of his body he chose not to dwell on what he didn’t have but rather make due with what did. He can make a phone call, swim and even live by himself with little problem. If you listen to him talk you will realize there are worse things than whatever you are going through. It always gets better if you are committed to trying and making it better. Call your friends, turn off your phones, throw your blankets on the floor and have a good laugh all night long until you fall asleep to the goofiest person’s jokes. Find a good comedy show to watch and follow it religiously, watch cat vines on YouTube until your ribs hurt, make fun of your friends until they want to kill you but love you too much to do it.

Every minute we’re alive we don’t know what is going to happen next so let nothing or no one stop you from being yourself and living to the max.

Be weird. Be random. Be you.

Live. Love. Laugh.



  1. Nice article… its the simple things in life we ignore but with pple like u to remind us every now n then guess we will view life at a diff perspective. I love it


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