Sad Truths

So here’s the sad truth..

I’m not just another sob story whining about how some girl broke his heart. No, I’m more than that. I’m a psychology student for four years, but a patient for life.

This is my way of dealing, my therapy if you may, letting out the hurt in a way I hope someone out there will relate to and know that they aren’t going through what I’ve gone through alone.

Allow me to indulge you in the sad truth.

The sad truth is that she’ll never get to call you all those names that made you feel squishier than a water bed again.

The sad truth is that you will no longer stay up late giggling in a hushed voice in the dead of night phone in hand texting or calling her all the while wishing they were right by your side.

The sad truth is that you will wake up and feel more lost than than the biblical prodigal son, having had it all but losing it in a heartbeat and waking up to that unnerving realization the following day.

The sad truth is that you will beat yourself up about it and think to yourself about how you could have done this or that differently and you will be unable to convince yourself that it is all for a greater cause.

The sad truth is that in order for a beautiful rose garden to be planted the peace and tranquil of the soil must be upset. In order for a new dawn of governance the people must rise up from being oppressed and oppose the oppressors.

There must be a revolution for an evolution to take place.

The sad truth is that I must accept that this is my evolution. I must accept the scars that I have gained and I must trust in them to teach me a lesson in the marks that I carry from them.

The sad truth is that you have to get up, dust yourself and carry yourself with the pride and dignity that you deserve knowing that in you the other person has lost a gem. The sad truth is that there is no place in this world for a sob story, you must turn from being soft as a baby’s bottom to rough as the knuckles on a street fighter’s wrist.

The saddest truth of all?

This is life and you must live it.


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